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Our exterior parking facilities are fully fenced and monitored by our 24hr camera/surveillance system. The parking lots are accessible at all hours of the day and night through our electronically controlled gates via personal access cards. We welcome vehicles of all sizes from small cars to large tractor trailers. Electronic outlets are on site and can be activated if needed. L.I.A.G. offers flexible monthly leases and prices can be negotiated if there is more than one vehicle.

iStock-car Cars, Small Boats, Small Vans up to 16′
Price: $65.00/month
iStock-Flatbed Garden Trailer up to 17′ with or without load
Between $60.00 and $100.00/month
iStock-CubeVan Trucks and Cube Vans, 17′ to 24′
Price: $120.00/month
iStock-RV Recreational Vehicles, 25′ to 35′
Price: $125.00/month
iStock-DumpTruck 10 to 12 Wheelers or Heavy Trucks
Price: $160.00/month
iStock-Trailer 40′ Containers
Price: $185.00/month
iStock-TractorTrailer Tractor Trailers, 35′ to 53′
Price: $185.00/month (without cab)
Price: $200.00/month (with cab)
iStock-Tank Tankers, 35′ to 53′
Price: $225.00/month (without cab)
Price: $240.00/month (with cab)
*Insurance required*

Electricity available upon request.